Phillippo and Phillippo: artists who specialise in paintings and conceptual sculptures of erotica. Using innovative art techniques, our work is evocative and emotive, uncompromising and honest. The works of art shown are from the following exhibitions: Art liberating lives- Mall Galleries 2008, 'In the cowshed' The Brick Lane Gallery 2010, Art Below (London Bridge Station) 16th - 30th August 2010, 'All mouth, no trousers' The Brick Lane Gallery, Phillippo & Phillippo Solo exhibition, September 2011, 'Portal' Covent Garden Underground Station, in association with Artbelow 2011. Pop up New Orleans Feb 2012 and permanent exhibition at Antiques Warehouse, Long Melford, Suffolk 2012 to present.
Our work contains visually potent imagery, aimed at open-minded art connoisseurs and art galleries alike.

Innate and profound in us all; the smell and taste of sexuality is masked by the environment it inhabits. We uncover the mask and explore all aspects of human sexuality and spirituality in the temptation and consumption of life.

In a celebration of Sex, Innocence and Voyeurism and through the interconnection of sexual polarities, the viewer can experience the power and intoxication of the mind.

Previous exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London, November 2008.

Our work contains a purity of innocence, confidence and curiosity, born from the male and female perspectives.

WARNING: this site contains adult-themed explicit artwork.